Dimensions cross stitch kit – Product review

‚ÄčIm used to working with aida fabric when I do a cross stitch. But when I was sent this Dimensions kit to review I decided to give it a go even though its not the fabric I am used to – I do love a challenge!!

You can try one of these kits here.

It was different to work on aida fabric and it meant I had to take more care in what I was doing.

I soon got into it though and forgot I was even using another material!

This was fun to make. It took me 2 days to complete and I was just working with it inbetween day to day jobs and being a Mummy so I could have done it a lot quicker if I had sat and done it all in one go.

Something else a little different for me was the hoop to hold it in. I don’t normally use one but it was nice to have something to hold onto while I worked, and it did hold the fabric nice and tight.

This pattern was easy to understand and easy to follow, and the design included some really nice bright colours.

My 7 year old son was keen to see my progress on this as the previous week whilst camping I had taught him and his cousin how to do a cross stitch and they had enjoyed it so much!

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