Baby blankets

I have a few friends that have either had babies recently or are expecting soon. I like to give a present for the new baby and like it to be something personal and hand made.

I wanted to try the ‘call the midwife’ blanket ad I have seen so much of it on Facebook. It was so easy which is not what I had expected. It worked up quickly and looks so pretty and intricate. I did one in white with a pink border and because I loved doing it so much I did a second one in blue with a white border.



I wanted to do something different next and had a whole bag of yarn to choose from. I went for some pink and purple mini granny squares and used the join as you go method to join with white. Then I did a v stitch border with the light and dark purples. This is simple but really effective!



For the final blanket, I couldn’t decide what pattern to use. I started and frogged it about three times and then decided on a version of the classic granny blanket. I did squares in one shade of blue, and joined with rhe same yarn, followed by a v stitch border. I really like using the granny stitch. It works up so quickly, and I tend to forget about it now that I can do so many other stitches.


These blankets were all so much fun to make. I have been able to give one to a friend already and I can’t wait to be able to gift the other 3!


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