C2C – Corner to corner

Ive heard a lot about these blankets. Its referred to as a C2C which simply stands for corner to corner. As it sounds, you start in one corner and increase the row by one block of stitches every row. When you have got the blanket as wide as you want it, you decrease again until you are in the opposite corner.


This is another Christmas gift that I have made in advance. The person this is for likes purples and reds. I didn’t want it to be too many colours so I stuck to just purple and white in a classic stripe pattern.


I wanted a simple border around the outside so I stuck to treble crochet (UK terms) in white.


I’m really pleased with how this turned out and cannot wait to give this at Christmas! I really thought about the recipient before starting and I think she will love it!


4 thoughts on “C2C – Corner to corner

  1. Have you made a YouTube tutorial for crochet? It makes it easier for me to get the pattern down.
    Thank you,

    PS I’m look for the out of the ordinary.


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