Cute easter bunnies


My boys wanted to give their teachers something for Easter. I wanted something small and simple but with a personal touch. After trawling through Pinterest I found these cute little bunnies!! I used some scraps of yarn and instead of using beads which I didn’t have, I stitched the face on.


I’ve been saving the plastic eggs all year from the treats the boys got after school. Like a plastic version of a kinder egg. But you could also buy the empty eggs in supermarkets.


The chocolate eggs I got in co op. I thought they looked cute and were just the right size to go with the bunnies.


The boys are looking forward to giving their teachers these simple but lovely gifts!


C2C – Corner to corner

Ive heard a lot about these blankets. Its referred to as a C2C which simply stands for corner to corner. As it sounds, you start in one corner and increase the row by one block of stitches every row. When you have got the blanket as wide as you want it, you decrease again until you are in the opposite corner.


This is another Christmas gift that I have made in advance. The person this is for likes purples and reds. I didn’t want it to be too many colours so I stuck to just purple and white in a classic stripe pattern.


I wanted a simple border around the outside so I stuck to treble crochet (UK terms) in white.


I’m really pleased with how this turned out and cannot wait to give this at Christmas! I really thought about the recipient before starting and I think she will love it!

Knitting and stitching show – Olympia


I had a busy weekend in London, travelling with my Mum and a friend to the knitting and stitching show in Olympia. I’ve been excited for weeks and I wasn’t disappointed!

There was so much to look at from cross stitch kits to quilts and balls of wool to sewing machines. Literally anything to do with knitting, crochet, sewing and more!


I stopped at the UK Hand Knitting stall where they were asking people to stop and try crochet or knitting. They had volunteers helping anyone who was starting out, and they were asking people to knit or crochet squares that they can use for charity projects. I chose a nice bright colour and got to making a square straight away. I came away with a lovely little goodie bag from


The show had advertised a competition for a knitted feast. I didn’t take part as knitting isn’t really my strongest point but I did enjoy looking at all the entries. They were so realistic!!


After a long and tiring (but fun!) day out, we diverted our route home to go to China town and go and have dinner at the Chinese restaurant that my family have been going to since before I was even born! I stopped to take a quick look at the chinese lanterns from chinese new year. They looked so pretty!

It was a great day out and I’m already looking forward to the next show!

Back to basics

I wanted to share my basic essentials for anyone who is starting out or even for those who have been doing crotchet for years to compare with. I love to see other people’s favourites!

I have so many different hooks but I have got my favourite which I use for most projects. I don’t remember the make of it, but I came across it on our holiday to Isle of Wight last year. It’s really comfortable to hold and work with, plus it has that added benefit of being a little reminder of a lovely family holiday!

I like to use a nice sturdy pair of scissors to cut any loose ends. I found mine in a discount store. I don’t think they need to be fancy as long as they can cut yarn!

My stitch counters were a Christmas gift from last year. I don’t need to use them very often but I am so glad to have them when I take on a large project and need to count a lot of stitches. Without them I am always loosing count and having to start again!

I carry two needles in my pack. I tend to use the bigger of the two as it is much easier to thread the yarn through. Again, you don’t need to spend a lot here. I have had the same two needles since I started my first┬ábig┬áblanket over a year ago!

Now, no kit is complete without this last item… Yarn!I love to shop for yarn! I have so many to choose from but have taken a picture of white as it is what I am using at the moment for my corner to corner blanket. I’m sure I will have even more to choose from soon as I will be going to the knitting and stitching show Saturday!!! Exciting!!

What items do you have to have? Any favourites like my holiday hook? I’d love to know about your favourite essentials!